Sri Lanka blast: father and brother’s death of main suspect


In Sri Lanka, the father of the main suspect of suicide bombers on Easter Sunday killed Zahran Hashim’s father and two brothers on Friday in an operation by the security forces.

According to the police, it is believed that Hashim’s mother has also been killed. All of them died at the time when security forces raided the hideouts of suspects in the attack. According to reports, Hashim’s father and brother got himself blown up in the blast.

According to the Sri Lankan government, Hashim also died in a suicide attack in a Colombo hotel. It is said that he was the leader of the Islamic group National Tauhid Jamaat (NTJ). This organization has now been banned.

The police raided the headquarters of the group located in the eastern area of ​​Kattankudi.

In the attacks on Sunday, hotels and churches were targeted, in which at least 250 people were killed.

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